Opening: October 19th 2018, 7 PM
Duration: October 22nd, 2018 – December 31st, 2018

Geoffrey de Beer (Belgium), Giorgia Fincato (Italy) 
Jenya Kukoverov (Russia), Marianne Lang (Austria)
Ryts Monet (Italy), Adrian Paci (Albania)
Erwin Polanc (Austria), Verena Preininger (Austria)
Sarah Sternat (Austria), studio ASYNCHROME (Austria)

The opening group show of Galerie Margareth Otti in Graz shows contemporary art dealing with love and loss, although the concept of a broken heart seems to be a social taboo. The artworks shown deal with the complexity of the topic in various ways and formats, regarding that art is a form of empathy (as love), an activity and a constant choice. At the first sight, a broken heart seems not related to the current situation of the world we live in, but watching Meryl Streep quoting her friend Carrie Fisher at the Golden Globes 2017 proofs: a broken heart effects society. ‘Take your broken heart and make it into art’ perfectly summarizes a principle of overcoming and personal and common growth.